Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weeks 1-6

Chambers Family Dinner has definitely changed our Sundays. Whereas before we simply laid about and bemoaned the coming workday, we now measuredly challenge the day looking ahead to the mystery of our open dinner. We don't ask for RSVPs, so we never know who's going to show up until they walk in the door. Which is an exciting thing....and makes us really happy whenever someone DOES walk through the door.

I'm trying to keep my expectations open, so that on that Sunday when no one arrives, i'm not disappointed. So far that hasn't happened. We've had dinners ranging in size from 3 to 12, ages from 17 to 64, and guests ranging from out-of-town family to people we meet when they arrive. Each week's 6-8:30pm is different. Some quiet, some loud, some hilarious, some more serious. We talk a lot about our dogs....especially since we don't have kids yet to tell stories about. One day.

As this tradition continues we hope that it changes and grows along with us. I hope that I have to start cooking for 15 instead of 10, and then maybe 20. I hope that our friends meet other friends and go on to be friends in their own right. We hope that people feel refreshed and encouraged by the brief time on Sundays. And we hope you'll join us sometime soon.

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