Saturday, February 13, 2010

MENU: February 14th

Happy February Friends!

We realize that it's Valentine's Day on Sunday, but what better way to celebrate than with wonderful friends over great food? seriously.

I watched Julie and Julia this past week....what a great, inspiring movie. The scenes made me want to leave my landscape architecture days, and instead feast senses and heart on beautiful, lively, companionable for the people i love in places that i still long to see. what a life!

So this week's menu is an ode to delicious, homemade food, shared by friends and family. Designed and prepared to be enjoyed with laughter and appreciation. At least, i hope it's that good! haha

Hearty bruschetta on homemade artisan bread (as both a tribute to the bruschetta Julie Powell made in the movie, and a distinct memory i have of Robin Pelensky creating a beautiful bruschetta for us her classmates in her apartment in Paris)

Main Course:
Mr. Mader's Favorite Pasta - an italian carbonara-esque dish
Organic honey-glazed carrots

Sour Cream Coffee Cake a la Mode

See you Sunday, 6:30ish!

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