Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying Something New for Month 7!

Happy 7 Months of Chambers Family Dinner!

Apparently I missed the joyous occasion of our 6th month of CFD's, so we're going to celebrate this month instead. I've gotten addicted to, which assembles beautiful pictures of gorgeous food from blogs all over the world. Usually, I simply do just that: gawk. However, not this week! This week i'm trying an in-season dish by the wonderful Mario Batali, a breezy summer salad, and homemade ice cream. I'm salivating already.

Menu for April 18th

homemade sweet tea & deviled eggs a la momma mader

fresh hearts of palm, feta, and tomato salad a la jamie poulos
spaghetti with pancetta and artichokes

pear and caramel ice cream

see you sunday at 6:30!!


  1. Wow Leah this is amazing !..I can't seem to stop reading your blog..very impressive !

  2. OMG...I literally can't wait for dinner tomorrow!!! I'm looking forward to the hearts of pal and artichokes. LOVE those flavors! You know the way to my heart, lady!

  3. Oh, and Happy 7-Month-A-Versary!

  4. wish i could be there!!!!

  5. yay!!! you ladies make me so happy with your comments! :) wish you all could be here.....