Saturday, July 10, 2010

Menu: July 11th, 2010

Wow....what a whirlwind! Last week's CFD was my dream come true: delicious burgers cooked by my fantastic husband, french fries, calico beans, sweet watermelon, tons of brownies, and then 13 friends to share it with! seriously. Seeing our small small living room packed with friends all sitting 2 inches from one another to make room made it all worth it. Talking, sharing, and laughing followed up by fireworks at lake eola: officially one of my top two CFD's of the past year. (i.e. ever) The other was when my gloriously large family showed up unexpectedly, bringing love and expertise when it came to seasoning my shrimp scampi.

We started Chambers Family Dinner last year on September 13th, with 3 guests and simple oven-fried chicken. Now, here we are at July 11th, with a 13-person record and the development of at least a three-course dinner every week. It's been fun...and I can't say enough how grateful I am to each and every person who has graced our home over the course of this adventure.

So....perhaps you are thinking, it sounds as if they are stopping CFD. Well, we are. Sort of. That is, we're moving CFD to China. As of this present moment (and our plans develop, i'm not kidding, every two days) Brian and I are scheduled to move to Beijing, China for 6 months starting in September. The excitement is at a fever pitch here and we can't wait to get started. I, for one, am completely intrigued and impatient to try my hand at authentic Chinese cuisine. What better place to learn?

Therefore, since we will not be in Orlando come september, to celebrate our 1 year CFD anniversary, we're going to celebrate a bit early. This weekend, the 11th, we will be having the last normal CFD. 6:30 as usual. Then we're going to take a few weeks off and host one last dinner on one last sunday before we leave. I'm not sure as to the date, but we'll let you know.

Now that i've gotten that out of the way....on to the menu!!

Tomorrow's meal:

Appetizer: Chickpea and red pepper salsa with savory pita

Salad course: 7-layer salad

Entree: Parmesan-crusted chicken cutlets with lemon fusilli and arugula

Dessert: Better Than Sex cake
(i know, my mom told me I should come up with a better name, but what name is better than that?)

See you Sunday at 6:30!!


  1. One day I will come down to visit and help you cook a CFD in your beautiful new kitchen! I miss you and can't wait for your Chinese adventures to begin! You had better send me regular updates about all the wonderful things you are cooking. I want to learn how to cook Chinese vicariously through my favorite travel companion.

  2. you got it, isabel!! I'm thinking about keeping the blog, but perhaps making it more about our regular dinners in china. hmmm...

    wish you were traveling with me!