Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chambers Family Dinner goes to China!

Hello friends and family!

Chambers family dinner is entering a new era. After 1 year of open invitation dinners, we are moving to Beijing and adapating the blog to a chronicle of our adventures, Chinese education, and, of course, food exploits.

Brian and I are both joining our respective companies' Beijing offices for at least 6 months. It is an incredible God orchestration to bring us both halfway around the world to the same city for the same amount of time. We are incredibly excited for what is in store!

Our goals for this time are fairly multi-faceted. Brian and I both are committed to helping our companies advance their marketing presence in China, through making connections within and outside our offices. We both are committed to gaining a working knowledge of Mandarin. Supposedly that usually takes quite a while, but since we're crazy optimists, we're convinced it can happen in 6 months. In addition to the professional goals, I have quite a few personal culinary and journalistic goals as well. First, this blog. It is my vision to intentionally and thoughtfully share this experience with friends and family, while flexing my writing muscles. It's been awhile. Secondly, Chinese cuisine. I'm searching for Chinese cooking classes and am determined to learn the art of pastry. The thought occurred to me that china doesn't really have desserts! And I realized that I may not survive these 6 months. So. I have ordered a dessert cookbook by Wolfgang Puck's pastry chef and I am ready to begin my foray into the pastry world. In china.

So, here we go! We are on our way to the land of the Forbidden City, clad with the ability to say 3 Chinese words, Culture Shock China, and an appetite for adventure. Ni hao, Beijing!!!

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  1. Glad you guys arrived safely and Jamie and I are looking forward to reading about your adventures! Love you:)