Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Party!

Nothing like getting things kicked off right.

I always thought that our first hosting event here would be like a normal Chambers Family Dinner in the U.S., less than 10 people, casual, low-key.....not quite. But Brian and I were both pretty darn excited about it. We had people from both companies over on the Friday night before Halloween, and the apartment was festooned with faux spider webs that Brian artfully strung up. We had an impromptu concert, played Mummy-Wrap and bilingual Pictionary, as well as ate some pretty delicious food. If i do say so myself. :)


Apple cider
Yanjing beer
Emmental and Smiling Cow cheeses and crackers
Fruit platter
BLT salad
Homemade salsa & chips
Bok choy boats with sweet potato and bacon (definitely the hit!)
Cookies (from Horrible Cookies in the US)
Caramel apple mini cupcakes (except without the caramel apple topping because it didn't work for me...bu hao)


Happy Halloween from China!


  1. Looks fun!
    PS--I am extremely jealous of your awesome apartment!

  2. Yea, your apartment is great guys!!! Party looked like fun! Where are all the other whitey's?! See ya'll in a couple weeks.

  3. Looks like fun! I dig the shirt, Brian. ...but what's that behind you on the wall, Leah?

  4. i DO love our apartment....greg showed up late and the other whiteys couldn't come. slackers. :)

    on the wall behind in the last photo? A dryer and a case of beer. funny note: when you buy a case of beer they don't have prices on them. You have to pick up a single can and bring it to the register with you in order for them to price it.

  5. i just got to look at this. love it. it all. it is keeping me up distracted and makes me feel more connected to your life. i want to be cool like you, traveling the world with your husband. well...i don't want to be traveling/eating/exploring with YOUR husband. but you know ;)

  6. your place is heaven compared to mine in korea.
    and you work with some really cute girls! hahahaha