Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NO DINNER January 24th

Wow,  last week was a little much. I've realized that the problem with cooking involved gourmet food in our tiny apartment kitchen is that there just isn't enough space for everything. As Brian so wisely said, the difficulty arises in the fact that I'm making things only to put them into something else. Making 3 separate components to put into one dish makes the whole staging thing a nightmare. Pecan brittle sits on the ottoman, while the brie hangs out over the sink, and the cornish hens are moved from the toaster oven to the counter to the stove to the pot. All while i burn up my recipe because i placed it on the burner for lack of another spot.

I'm going to settle in a little bit. Brian and I are going to do the appetizer addition to the meal, but i think i'm going to limit my insanity to one dish from here on out. One dish will be a new and fun and gourmet dish. The rest will be delicious, but simple. Okay with you? Okay with me.

However, you all will have to wait until January 31st to join us again. This Sunday is Brian and I's one year wedding anniversary and we'll be trying to escape you all. :)

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