Saturday, June 12, 2010

CFD: June 13th, 2010

Hello all!

Cheers to the US of A on a tie with England today! The ups and the downs....sometimes soccer is hard to watch. Anyway. Dinner on Sunday night. hmm.....once again I am struggling to set the menu. While it may seem that I am simply not feeling culinary, it's just not true. This week was one of multiple kitchen exploits! From the Summer Fruit Crostata last Sunday to my pork chops and Berry Pavlova on Monday, to my homemade bleu cheese dressing over sweet tomatoes and seared pineapple for dessert on Thursday.....whew. I'm feeling pretty good, but the ideas just aren't flowing as usual.

I know that we're going to have some first-timers this week, so I am excited to make something that will be representative of our ongoing Chambers Family Dinner. Not sure what it is going to be, but if you embrace mystery and surprise, or special Barefoot Contessa cocktails, then show up on Sunday evening at 6:30pm!

email for directions. :)


  1. haha thanks, laurie!! how are you doing, lady?

  2. i'm aight :) semi-employed but not in such bad financial shape. younger brother and his wife just had a baby on saturday so i'm headed down to south florida this thursday (YAY) to meet him! nephews are such a sweet reminder of beautiful things... love, family, the miracle of childbirth, and being able to haul a** when the kid starts crying :)