Friday, June 18, 2010

Menu: June 20th this is more like it. THIS is when i should plan my cfd menus.

I have left the office after a long day and week at work, walked into my home, leashed up Hanna, and strolled out the door for our evening walk. As I walk, I am starving. So, of course, my mind turns to food and the delicious things that i can create and afterwards enjoy. By this time I am salivating over everything edible....and loving it. This menu is born of desire and imagination.

Perfectly ripe watermelon salad

Main Course:
Roasted Tomatoes Studded with Garlic over Pasta
Sauteed Green Beans
Garlic Bread

Irene's Peach Baked Alaska (care of Richard Burkart and Real Simple)

Just as a heads-up, the chambersesesses are going on vacation next week, so no CFD. However, this spurt of inspiration has also planned the meal for TWO weeks out, on July 4th. It's going to be awesome, so stop by and eat some great food before going to watch some fireworks!

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