Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2008 Olympic Venues and Park

On a recent weekend after church, Brian, our friend Greg, and I went on an adventure. First stop: Kro's Nest for pizza. This is not just any pizza...this is dough on steroids. Delicious steroids. With a great Star Trek-style door entrance, the interior of the Kro's Nest is comfortably dark with a few arcade games and private dining nooks. However, if you wind your way to the back, it opens into a beautiful arcade space with living wall. Now THIS is atmosphere.

Kro's Nest Atrium

Pass the Pesto

After a fantastic lunch of Pass the Pesto Pizza, we three piled into a cab and headed off to the Olympic Park area to see the sights. It was FREEZING. Literally. We "skated" across the frozen river, checked the faux-snow resort they have going on, and awed at the Bird's Nest and Water Cube. The Bird's Nest was stunning in the late afternoon light. When I couldn't feel my feet anymore, we headed inside for some lu cha (green tea) and the most wonderful massage ever. Someone massaging your forehead and shoulders while another simultaneously works on your feet. Pure relaxation.

Enjoy the pictures and the next few days will feature our Dumpling-Making Party, the National Theater, and the long-ago promised food post!

frozen river
Bird's Nest lights?
If only it DID snow in beijing

my favorite view of the Bird's Nest

don't let the picture fool you, it's massive
only in china do spaces this big work

I was fascinated by the interior structure


  1. i like the fake snow. too funny. it's crazy that it hasn't snowed there. glad ya'll didn't fall into the frozen river.

  2. Love seeing the Birds Nest photos! I remember watching the Beijing Olympics when we in the middle of Costa Rica on vacation. I love watching any Olympics, so seeing this would have blown me away!