Tuesday, January 25, 2011

little moments

China is an enigma to me. There are days when it just makes you want to run home and pull the covers over your eyes until it all goes away - usually caused by not being able to find peanut oil in the store. I know, should there be aisles of that here? Then, other days you get such a kick out of it that you can't help but spontaneously laugh and give a little skip down the street.

My friend Dana is also living in Beijing and recently posted about such smile-inducing moments. If I saw a huge panda riding down the street on a scooter, I would post too. However, most of my moments involve food.

There just isn't anything like the loneliness of heading home on the subway to an empty house (your husband's off on a business trip) after working very late and not having eaten dinner. Yet, out of the darkness as you leave the subway station, you start to see glorious steam...followed by an incredibly delicious aroma. Follow your nose. A street vendor is standing with his wife in the 25 degree winter weather, over a steaming griddle, frying the most delectable blend of who-knows-what and I want it. Whatever he's selling, I'm buying. And who wouldn't? It's crispy on the outside, pocketed inside with flaky dough and pork melting together in perfect harmony.

I love china.

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