Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Annual Dinner

I told you all that I had a great post backlog, but I didn't tell you how far back it goes. The week after we returned to Beijing in January, my company hosted their Annual Dinner for the entire Beijing office. When I first heard about this I believed it was going to be a large banquet where the company announced promotions, enjoyed some wine, and generally celebrated working together. And all of that was true.

What I didn't anticipate was a full-fledged themed production replete with costumes, music, dance performances, and after-party club-like atmosphere. I couldn't help but laughingly gaze in wonder at the shenanigans and ponder how this culture freely and joyfully expresses themselves, blending the lines between professional and personal. You know, it was thoroughly enjoyable.

my girls: marina, jiang dan, jinglan, connie, jenny

rabbits, Jack Sparrow, and ballerinas

moo and i sat and ate for most of it

the lovely flamenco ladies...who were on-stage after my colleague Jay
danced in response to a flutist's melody

the highly-popular dance routine, replica of a famous music video.
they actually did it twice.

I know I won't be in Beijing for the next Annual Dinner, but I would love to join the party!

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  1. nice video update! I tried to get my friend from beijing to see if she knew what the dance was but couldn't figure it out. hope all is well in chinaville!