Tuesday, March 29, 2011

love in beijing

Brian and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary this year in Beijing, at the end of January. It's not every year that you can say that! (well, at least I hope it's not)

We didn't get to celebrate on the actual day due to some last-minute business trips and long-lasting colds, but a few weeks later we went out adventuring. On the northeast side of the Forbidden City is a dramatically long park called Beihai. I've been wanting to go for a while and so brian and I bundled up and went strolling for an afternoon and finished off with dinner at The Couryard (not recommended).

the royal quarters, complete with intricate asian gardens
telephone booths...aka big orange helmets

Sandra asked us to send her a picture of ourselves....and so we ordered a professional photo shoot. just kidding. but this is real. 

On our first anniversary Brian and I decided that we would buy a piece of art on our annual trip, wherever we were. Last year, in Savannah, we paid "hugs" to a few SCAD students for some fun magnets for our fridge. My favorite is the comical blue bird in a yellow frame. This year, we paid nothing. As we wandered through the park we came across a man painting water pictures on the sidewalk with a big foam brush. Beautiful things...elegant, sweeping chinese woman with curves in all the right places and intricate chinese characters. Then he decided to paint us. Apparently he doesn't do many foreigners who have smile lines and deep faces, because we turned decidedly older than we are. But, all in good fun and we're going to have to print out them out and frame them when we get home...otherwise they don't count.

While not complex or expensive, Brian and I really had a good time just exploring and laughing together...major reasons why we enjoy being married. Ahhh...glad he brings humor to our relationship, because I definitely don't have the talent.

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