Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow and Skiing in Beijing

Beijing has a few ski resorts in the surrounding mountains, and a few weekends ago a couple of colleagues and I headed out to Nanshan for a day o' snow fun.

I've only skiied once in my life before this. That was high school when my sister Kari and friend Alison Godwin and I joined the Aletheia Youth Group on their trip to WinterPlace, West Virginia.

It was tons of fun and I fell alot. So I'm not highly qualified to rate the Nanshan resort, but i imagine that there are much better places out there. However, it WAS a perfect day to be outside, the morning after one of the 3 snow days we had this year. Not too cold, about 7 runs to play on, and a great group of friends to enjoy it with. Plus, i discovered that I love skiing. The rush, the exhilaration....perfect Saturday.

snowy saturday by our home in sihui
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ski gear is not very attractive. but i tried.

Marina, Moo, myself, and some random guy

learning how to stand: me, stephen, and moo

moo the skiing thai

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  1. Leah,

    Very cool! Awesome to go skiing in China eh?! such a great experience. I'm sure you turned pro rather quickly.